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A 1960s Vulcain Cricket, A Cartier Tank Asymètrique Ref. 2488, And A Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic Ref. E168 ADVERTISEMENT

We might've taken a break for last week's long weekend, but the train is rolling once again, with a little something for everyone. At the sportier end of the spectrum, we've got an unconventional though important dive fake watch from ZRC, along with an adventure-ready Geophysic from Jaeger-LeCoultre, and a Vulcain Cricket to wake you up for said adventure. For those that prefer something more sophisticated https://www.russellmeansfreedom.com, we've got you covered with a limited Tank Asymètrique, and the perfect ladies Breitling. Let's get right down to it.

ZRC Grand Fonds Series 2

There's more than one way to skin a cat, so are there are more ways than one of achieving a functional dive fake watch design. Frankly, I want no involvement whatsoever in the former of the two activities, so let's focus on dive replica watches for the time being. While we could wax on together about another latest and greatest gilt dial, four-liner to surface this week, I thought I'd keep things interesting with a piece you might not be familiar with. It's called a ZRC Grand Fonds Series 2, and it's as important as it is striking, with a rich history of use by the French Marine Nationale, in addition to divers working alongside Jacques Cousteau himself. Don't let the crown at six o'clock fool you, there's a lot to like here.

In comparison to the Series 3 variant of ZRC's Grand Fonds, the Series 2 is perhaps more attractive, in my opinion. I'd attribute a great deal of this stance to that incredible, pseudo polka dot bezel, that really ties the room together, so to speak. As the seller notes in their listing, all too many examples of the vintage Series 2 Grand Fonds are fitted with aftermarket bezels, in that their OEM counterparts either cracked or aged intensely after years of dedicated wear. This makes the presence of the original bezel, in outstanding shape, an awfully welcome sight. To give you a little context, I know collectors who've spent upwards of three months tracking down decent to meh examples of Series 2 bezels, so this really is a rare treat.

All in all, this truly is one of the cleanest, compelling vintage dive replica watches available on the market right now. Aside from ZRC and Triton, there just aren't all that many uniquely configured and historically important dive replica watches with documented, issued use. With the crown at six, this is a purpose-built fake watch through and through, and to see it finally being regarded as highly as it should be is a pleasure to experience.

A dealer based here in Toronto has this example of the unconventional diver up for grabs, with an asking price of $6,900. Get the full scoop here.

ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic Ref. E168

I'm not sure about you, but I'm fascinated with the concept of hyper-utilitarian designs. I'm talking about no-nonsense designs so good that their appeal becomes practically universal, and a staple in the everyday lives of many. Think Carhartt K87 tees, Sharpie markers, Bic lighters ?you get the idea. What it comes down to with products like these, is that they were designed so that they could always be relied upon to get a task done, and done well. While I'm not sure Jaeger-LeCoultre's Geophysic is in quite the same budget class as a workwear t-shirt, there's a similar spirit of willingness to take whatever life throws at it that's certainly synonymous with the two.

Geophysics don't surface every day, but one example did just that recently, when the catalogue for Antiquorum's upcoming Monaco sale went live. This is the Ref. E168, and I'm particularly fond of both this example and reference for two key reasons. First off, as much as the crosshair dial is a sight to be seen and celebrated, I prefer the more understated vibe I get from this dial. As for why this particular example has me feeling saucy, it all comes down to its honest condition. When Geophysics have surfaced in the past, I've found a strangely large portion of them to be scarily clean, if that makes any sense. In other words, it seemed as if funny business was about. This isn't to say that a coughing, cane-carrying, black-lunged Geophysic on its last legs is what I'm after, but I do want to see a little bit of age.

Why, you ask? Because the Geophysic was quite literally made for the purpose of doing cool stuff. If you're not convinced, google JLC Geophysic, and spend a few hours traversing the decades of exploration and adventure that have come to define references like this. Should this idea appeal to you in a way that being another guy with an Explorer on his wrist doesn't, I'd highly recommend taking a closer look at this piece.

In cooperation with Boule Auction House, Antiquorum will be offering this piece in their upcoming Monaco sale, taking place on July 16th. The estimate has been set at ?,000 to ?,000 and more info can be found here.

1960 Vulcain Cricket

As we've discussed in the past, great replica watches don't have to break the bank. There's surely something to be said for shelling out the big bucks on a piece with perhaps a bit of investment potential, but when it comes to just wanting to enjoy one single watch, I personally see little reason in going all out and flooring it. In and around the $1,500 mark, there's a wide variety of noteworthy options, of which Vulcain's Cricket is no exception. Predictably, I came across an example worthy of equal note for sale on eBay, and have now included it in hopes that someone else will claim it before I decide to do so.

The example in question today dates back to 1960, and is being offered in great shape. If you've got your boxes ready, now would be the time to start checking them, in that this little number not only has an unpolished case, but a flawless dial to boot, complete with all original luminous plots, and uniquely shaped, applied indices. The original crown is a nice detail, as well, which complements the overall originality of the 35 mm, alarm watch. While on the topic, if you've never heard a Cricket in action, or any mechanical alarm equipped timepiece, I highly encourage changing that. As pretentious as it may sound, there's something epic about waking up to the sound of a mechanical alarm.

Before I give you the skinny on where this fake watch is up for grabs, I'd like to direct your attention towards the stainless steel case, once again. This is what an unpolished fake watch looks like, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Just as I liked seeing a little bit of age on the aforementioned Geophysic, a few surface scratches to contrast sharp case lines are always a good sign, as opposed to eyebrow-raising, unscathed perfection. Another sign supporting that it hasn't been polished is the caseback engraving, which remains deep and defined to this day.

If you got bit by the alarm fake watch bug reading through all that, this piece is being offered by an Italian seller for ?,250.

Ladies' Breitling

In my experience, the addition of the word "ladies" to the ending of most regular sounding sentences yields a uniquely creepy result. A fake watch prefaced by the word, however, is another story. Ladies' replica watches are honestly deserving of a lot more attention, in part due to the fact that they are simply another class of replica watches which can be studied, and also as a result of their minuscule intricacy. This week, I managed to hunt one down ?a Breitling designed with the women's market in mind, and thought I'd share it with you.

This fake watch is absolutely tiny, at just 24.5 mm across, which is roughly the diameter of a U.S. quarter. Despite its size, Breitling managed to maintain all of the standard detailing and accents with which they'd equip any of their other replica watches ?a testament to their dedication to quality across the board. Knowing the size of the watch, it's pretty remarkable to consider the fact that a manually wound caliber keeps the whole show running, under the cover of a screw-down caseback. What's mechanically possible on such a small, small scale has long fascinated me, and is part of the reason why I personally collect such watches, and urge you to do the same, even if you don't plan on wearing them. It's also incredibly well suited for a more logical purpose, which would be adorning a lady's wrist.

With all this said, it should be known that the fake watch in question today also happens to be insanely clean, with what looks to be a flawless dial, which you'll notice still has all of its luminous numeral applications intact. On a different strap, I think this would make an incredible addition to a woman's collection.

An eBay seller based out of the United Kingdom has this fake watch listed for just £275, though you also have the option to make an offer. Knowing the beast that is this column, I'd expect this one to move quickly.

ADVERTISEMENT Cartier Tank Asymètrique Ref. 2488

Here's a little insight into the mechanics of the auction world. If you've never attended a sale or watched one go down online, it's worth noting that not all replica watches sell, leaving various houses with figurative leftovers. If like myself, you follow auction catalogues incessantly, you're probably capable of spotting said leftovers in subsequent catalogues. Long story short, this took place not long ago, but in the midst of familiar faces, a new few surfaced, as well. Lately, I've been on a bit of a Cartier kick, and knew I couldn't not include this upon first glance.

In the past, I've heard Cartier's Tank described as "boring" on more than one occasion by generally unseasoned collectors. On the one hand I don't lend much weight to that assessment, but on the other I think it also rings true, to a degree. You see, the ability of a Tank to both stand out and disappear into the background is a product of its genuinely timeless style, which remains largely unchanged to this day. With that said, Cartier has most definitely deviated from tradition in the past, with fun and exciting takes on the flagship Tank. One such example is this next piece, the Tank Asymètrique.

As the name and photos would suggest, symmetry has been foregone in favor of flare with this one, and it's a very good look. This is the ref. 2488, and it represents a modern effort to pay homage to the original Asymètriques of the late 1930s, originally introduced to increase legibility while performing other tasks like driving. Although we're talking about a Tank from the '90s and not a grail-tier, awe-inspiring OG Tank, this is still no ordinary watch, and the production numbers ought to prove it. With only 400 examples produced for the world ?300 in yellow gold, and just 100 in platinum ?there's definitely something special going on here. For the perfect mix of conservative and off the wall, I'd more than likely look in this direction.

Monaco Legend Auctions will be offering this Tank in their upcoming sale of "Exclusive Timepieces & Jewels," taking place on July 17th in Monaco. The estimate has been set at ?1,500 to ?3,000, and where it ends up is anyone's guess.

Theft Alert

Given the nature of the fake watch community, and people coming together for reasons of all sorts, it only felt fitting to spread the word about a less than ideal situation that took place a few days ago. Earlier this week, a local collector was robbed of his MK6 Ref. 1680 Red Submariner at a gym in downtown Toronto, upon leaving it in a locker during a workout.

I've seen scenarios like such occur in the past, and it's generally a matter of finding who now has the fake watch listed for sale, instead of who stole it, given just how quickly replica watches can be offloaded onto the next person.

The stolen watch, no. 3789493.

Authorities have been contacted, but spreading the word is paramount. With this in mind, keep your eyes out for a fake watch bearing the serial number 3789493, wherever you may be hunting for replica watches in the coming weeks.