About Us

CABRAC was founded as a unique design consulting service for cabinets and enclosures for the electronics industry.

Facilities were added for fabricating, finishing and assembling these types of cabinets. Since then CABRAC has established a reputation for quality and outstanding service.

Fast and efficient service is assured through the company ‘s modern manufacturing facilities in Southern California. Innovative fabrication, finishing and assembly techniques along with close control in planning and quality assurance, have maintained the company ‘s excellent reputation for product integrity and appearance.

CABRAC offers a complete procurement package from review of the customers requirements to final delivery of the finished product. Fine quality and attention to detail include such features as an extra finish undercoat for long life and lasting attractiveness.

Standard Enclosures: Enclosures and cabinets for military or commercial applications and for a variety of uses.

Test Equipment: Housings and cabinets. Including desk and console units with rack-mounted equipment and tables fabricated from available standard designs or special layouts for unusual requirements.

RFI/EMI Shielding: Using sheet metal and screen barriers as per specific requirements. Radio frequency interference, electro-magnetic interference from relays, motors and moving conductors are attenuated.

Enclosures for shielding equipment from external interference sources, and cabinets for containing generators are built by CABRAC

NEMA Type Enclosures: A variety of designs are available that meet NEMA-4, NEMA 4X or NEMA-12 specifications.

Economical Rackmount: These open frames are available in 19″. (485mm) 0r 24″. (612mm) Rackmount, a low cost approch to rack’n stack.


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